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  • Innovative Poultry Slaughter Line Solutions

    Innovative PoultrySlaughter Line Solutions

  • Combi In-line Air Chilling System The Coolest Cooler for Poultry

    Combi In-line Air Chilling SystemThe Coolest Cooler for Poultry

  • Head only stunning System A Stunning Solution for Poultry

    Head only stunning SystemA Stunning Solution for Poultry

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VIV Europe 2014

We are pleased to invite you to VIV Europe 2014 held at de Jaarbeurs in Utrecht The Netherlands from May 20 – 22, 2014. Please join us at our stand 07E064 and find out how we can help you further your business. Don’t miss out and register for a free entrance badge now using the link below.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Utrecht!!

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The “Dutch Poultry Centre” awards TopKip the Preferred Partner Label.

TopKip has been inducted as a member of the “Dutch Poultry Centre” and has earned the Preferred Partner Label. This label is a quality guarantee that embodies Quality, Knowledge and Innovation. DPC’s mission is to showcase and spread recognition of the very strong reputation and image of the Dutch Poultry Industry worldwide. In addition, DPC protects this strong and reputable image from deteriorating. The Dutch Poultry Centre is a platform through which leading Dutch companies, public and private Institutes, etc. affiliated with the poultry sector, present themselves in international markets. The tangible proof is in this label and only DPC members are allowed to carry it.

In its particular field, TopKip underwrites the meaning, intentions and requirements of the high standard of this label fully and lives up to its expectations. Together with other members of the Dutch Poultry Centre, TopKip maintains its high reputation.

 For more information about the Preferred Partner Label go to:

Topkip introduces new videos of both its In-Line Combi Chilling System and its animal friendly Stunning System while in action.

These videos were taken in real life settings. In order to get a better impression of these innovative systems a new page has been added to the TopKip website.

Please go to System video's on our homepage to view the videos. We think you will find them very interesting.

Topkip Head Only Stunner awarded first prize.

On behalf of the entire TopKip team, we are very pleased to inform you that Tuesday the 25thof October 2011 our Head Only Stunner has been awarded first prize by the Dutch MVO Poultry award 2011 committee.

This award is an initiative of the Dutch MVO group (Societal Justified Entrepreneurship) representing the Product board Poultry and Eggs, the Dutch Poultry Centre and the foundation Fund for Poultry interests.

The MVO chairman, dr. A.H.G. (Alexander) Rinnooy Kan  (Also chairman of the Dutch Social Economic Council), personally presented the award to CTO Wim van Stuijvenberg at the LIV exhibition.

The next link to a Dutch website reveals the winners :

This award not only confirms that the Head Only Stunner is a promising alternative for existing water bath stunning systems, it also recognizes that all efforts continuously taken by the entire TopKip team, to create an innovative machine with great potential, have ultimately start to pay off. It also generates another boost to finalize and implement the first commercial versions of the system throughout The Netherlands and to prepare our (potential) customers Worldwide for the stunning innovation for poultry processing.

A.G. Dirkzwager CEO

W.M. van Stuyvenberg CTO

Tailor-made stunning for every bird. 

The new “head-only” stunning device is a legal electrical stunning method without any use of water. Based on the head resistance of the birds, they will all receive the exact current rate. A very high accuracy and limited carcass and  meat defects are the results. Read more..

Source: World poultry Magazine By Ad Bal

Larger birds require high-speed cooling.

Poultry companies in the fresh and processed poultry meat segment increasingly prefer larger birds. These companies frequently tend to forget that it takes more time and energy to lower the body temperature of these larger carcasses after evisceration than the traditionally-sized birds. TopKip of the Netherlands recognised the issue and created a solution that it believes gives processors many more rewards.  Read more..

Source:  By Wiebe van der Sluis