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  • Innovative Poultry Slaughter Line Solutions

    Innovative PoultrySlaughter Line Solutions

  • Combi In-line Air Chilling System The Coolest Cooler for Poultry

    Combi In-line Air Chilling SystemThe Coolest Cooler for Poultry

  • Head only stunning System A Stunning Solution for Poultry

    Head only stunning SystemA Stunning Solution for Poultry

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Odigos Ritual Economic Benefits

The advantages of the Odigos Ritual Fixation System™ are:

  • All birds recover 100 % to consciousness in case stunning (optional) is required!
  • Minimum product damage
  • Excellent quality characteristics of poultry carcasses
  • No shackling before killing and/or stunning
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent alternative for water bath and gas stunning
  • Suitable restraining during killing
  • Animals remain calm without any stress during restraining in cone
  • Easy to integrate in existing slaughter lines
  • Compatible with all overhead conveyor systems and slaughter shackles
  • System is Halal certified